Install doc links not working - please post

these two links do not appear to be working so i am not sure how to install - please post or advise. thanks! looking forward to it.


The links seem to be working. Which browser are you using to load them?

I am using Safari and I cannot get the Install Docs to load.
I get “404:File not found.”
I am looking mainly for the “EasyStartGuide32.pdf”

Any help would be great.

The guides have been updated to reflect changes in the new version.

Please send an email with your full name to obtain the updated guides.

Edit: Just received the email with a link to the 3.2 guides and everything seems to be going smoothly now. Thank you.

Having the same problem here… sent a message through the contact form but no reply. Does anyone have these docs or a valid link to them so that I can get 3.2 installed? Getting an error when trying to create the USB stick (see image below)… hoping that something in the install docs will help me get past this.