Install aTV Flash "transfering files"

I am at the part where it is saying transfering files but I have been waiting for about 1hr not sure how long this normaly takes. Maybe I am doing something wrong.


I’ve never really timed it but figure about 3 to 5 minutes?

What type of internet connection are you on? aTV Flash doesn’t transfer files per say. It tells the Apple TV to download the installation files from the internet. Therefore if your connection is slow it could take awhile. However there could be an error with the installation therefore could you post your FC_installer_log.txt file. It will be located in your Documents folder.



I did it as instructed to install Eden to ATV2 with iOS 5 and there is XBMC in main menu. I have the same problem.  I am using cyberduck ftp, and when I try to upload  files to mobile/applications it begins and it shows one hour ETA but after a minute or two there is “socket error” and file transfer interrupts. Please help.

This is a different problem. You’re issue is an SFTP issue. The OP’s issue is trying to install aTV Flash.

I’d like to know what else might be causing this.  I just purchased the aTV Flash Black this evening and have been trying to get it installed all night.  I’ve left it on the “Transferring Files” screen for ages and still no luck.  I’m going to be with it just running there.  Hopefully I’ll have a surprise in the morning…otherwise, I have an Apple TV 2 that won’t be able to play 95% if my video library.

Update: I began the process of installing aTV at 2:10am and as of 11:42am it’s still shoing the exact same screen…“Transferring Files”.  It’s a pretty safe bet that this isn’t working.  

How else can I get this installed?

I have the same problem here.

I have noticed also that while it was transferring the files I could start the system and watch a movie.

I o the words, the Apple TV was ignoring the update procedure.