Inquiry on current video quality playback issues

I keep seeing current/active references on other forums about Infuse and playback quality as I’m debating other devices vs. using this as my primary local media device/software. I recall recent issues with HDR and 11.3 tvOS, but I’m not aware of any currently open, developer recognized playback issues. But again, I keep seeing folks mention things like black crush and grayscale rendering as known issues.

Can the devs confirm, please, if there are any known, tracked visual playback bugs at this moment? Are there any known issues related to black crush or grayscale?


Here’s a link on why I’ve seen regarding Infuse picture quality.

As a Plex Tester for Infuse, what have you seen yourself?

My personal feedback on Infuse 5.7 using Plex as the backend is that the PQ is not good. There is black crush and a lot of macro blocking in dark areas. Upscaling from 480p or 720p is very fuzzy and somewhat jaggy in areas. See the example in this post Three issues with Infuse on Apple TV - #10 by robertogrenci83 This is exactly the kind of jaggies, softness, ringing I am seeing. Infuse is just not upscaling well at all.


I was about to open a new thread about this issue when I saw this. Yes, image quality is noticeably worse in Infuse than in Apple’s standard player (Plex, iTunes). I’m a bit surprised about this. For all the talk about the superiority of Infuse player, basic image quality seems worse. This is easier to see in the kind of content that needs upscaling as JMGNYC has been saying, specially in 480p/720p files with low bit rates. I suppose it depends on our level of tolerance to this kind of artifacts and the size of our screens, but for me is very noticeable.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Infuse is the better player overall and the work the developers have been doing is nothing short of outstanding. Since 5.7 (love the Plex integration) I see myself using it as my main player in the near future. But I think I’m going to return to Plex until this issue has been resolved and use Infuse when Plex gets “moody” ;).