Initial Setup

Add the possibility that in the initial setup to find another infuse device and copy it. That way the initial setup that takes a day or two of searching, downloading metadata, artwork, will take an hour.
It will be much faster and user friendly.

If you are using the same Apple ID for the new device all you have to do is download Infuse and launch it.

From there you can go to the Library settings screens without adding shares or any other info and you can watch the messages as Infuse uses iCloud to populate all the info.

You don’t HAVE to go to the Library settings screen but that’s the easy way to watch the process. :wink: Otherwise, just let it sit on the home screen for a while and wait, no re-adding shares and waiting for a new metadata fetch.

You are correct everything is automatically.
And it works fine.
For me the problem is that it takes 2 days, downloading artwork and google drive maximum api stuff.
I thought iCloud artwork sync with solve this, but it was discontinued.
If another device is detected and copied from there instead of downloading everything from the internet from scratch it will make the initial setup more user friendly.

Only the artwork will be fetched fresh, the rest is stored in iCloud. The google drive is most likely where the bottleneck is. I can load a new device with 10K+ videos in about an hour and that’s with fetching artwork for everything.

Artwork backed up to iCloud wasn’t discontinued, it is still in the wishlist so it’s still on the devs list.

Not sure if one device can pull from another but it may be possible so good luck!

I agree with you is probably the Google Drive. But for me it’s everything since it’s my only storage device.
I’m sure GD users are a minority so I’m probably out of luck, and the API is out of Firecore hands.
That’s why I thought about copying from another device in the initial setup.
But since its a problem of a minority of users its really not a priority.
The iCloud artwork sync for me would be great, but then again, most of the user base want to keep the iCloud sync size to a minimum to be able to use the iCloud free tier, so it was downgraded probably until apple ups the free tier allotted space, which will be never.

This is great… when it works. I just moved my library to a larger drive and had to reset all my devices in the house. Only 1 device worked this away. The rest I had to read the library again.