Initial setup Pain

I have several Atvs and Ipads.
Each time I want to add either of them, the process will take like a week.
I have an all Google Drive setup.
Once there was a plan to sync artwork to the cloud, this has been dropped but the pain remains.
Are you planning to address this, it’s hard to recommend to a newbie with this setup process.

What size library do you have?

I can add a device and it will sync the settings, textual metadata, and corrections from iCloud and then the artwork from the apropriate source in about 3 hours for 15K+ TV episodes and 1K+ movies. This is on a minimal internet connection speed.

Well I have 38k & 2.5k
I can probably get it done in 6 straight hours or so.
But life gets in the way and I cannot have 6 straight hours the device.
Plus I will probably get an API ban from google.
I usually split it into two tour sessions and finally, it’s the end of the week.
I could ask everybody not to use the tv, but I want to live, not work for this.
Anyway, I think a 1-hour solution can be found if looked for, but I feel nobody is trying.
Anyway, those are my two cents, setup times are important.