Initial scan from Plex not progressing

I’m trying to do an initial scan of the library for my Plex server, and I’m not sure whether or not it’s working. The connection to the Plex server is successful, I can see all the available libraries, and then the scan starts.

Infuse finds 0 Movies, 22 TV Episodes, and 0 Other. It finds those 22 episodes almost immediately, and then finds nothing else. It does say “Fetching content from Plex Server” with the spinning indicator, so it looks like it is working. But it doesn’t find anything other than those 22 episodes.

How long should I let it run like this? I’m not sure if it’s actually doing anything, or if it’s stuck. I’ve tried with both the Mac app, and the iOS app, with the same results.

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Quick update, after roughly 8 hours of scanning, it has scanned 17 movies and 1437 episodes. I have a very large library, and at this rate it will take a month or more to scan. This can’t be normal or typical, is it?

How are you connected to the server? Is it local or remote?

The server is housed on a Hetzner box, so it is remote. But I have a 1Gbps connection both on my home internet and on the Hetzner. I understand it would be slower than a local connection, but this is a bit much. I’ve been monitoring my internet traffic, and it’s not like it’s saturating the connection, or coming even close.