Infusion capabilities and Xfer media files over the internet

Hi there :o)

My friend lives on the other side of the planet, and i would like to upload music, picture and movies directly from my Mac to her ATV1 so she easily can replay them at her house at any time. Is it possible with the JB to xfer all types of media files from my computer to my friends ATV1 over the internt so she can replay it directly from its harddrive? Is it done by the old fashioned FTP client or are there a more user friendly app for it?

Will the JB you offer make ATV1 just as capable as the present ATV2/3? I’m just curious coz right now lots of functions no longer work coz it’s no longer updated by Apple. I just think that there’s no reason to JB the device if YouTube or other functions still aren’t working on it.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: