Infusing crashing after prolonged playback

This is new behavior after using Infuse for the past year or so. And now it’s happened twice within the last few days. I’ve been watching multiple episodes of a show in a row (in the range of 4, 5, 6?) and then suddenly playback will stop, it will briefly show a completely black screen, and then the screensaver will come on. When we press a button on the ATV remote to end the screensaver, we’ll be back at the main ATV home screen, and we have to launch Infuse again.

What model of ATV? RAM?

What do you have the streaming cache set to?

What is the screen saver time set to on your ATV? Sleep time?

2nd Gen Apple TV 4k 32GB.

Cache set to Memory Only.

ATV screen saver set to 2 min and sleep to 15 min. Although based on thew way it happens, it doesn’t seem like the case of the screen saver activating and taking priority over Infuse. It seems to be a result of Infuse suddenly crashing.

At the end of one of the episodes or in the middle of one?

In the middle. Last time it happened about 7 minutes in.

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And also, is this the AppleTV’s screensaver, or your television’s?

Apple TV’s aerial screen savers.

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Any chance you just made it 15 minutes without hitting any buttons? No browsing, pausing, ffw/rew, change captions or audio settings, check the time …?

I don’t recall if Infuse is supposed to override screensavers and / or sleep mode timers whenever content is playing.

But yeah, I suppose it could be something in Infuse crashing, too.

Have you replayed the same video and gotten smoothly through the point the screen went black on the second try (possibly eliminating glitches in specific videos)?

Is your AppleTV overheating?

(You mentioned it happened after using it a while. How well is it ventilated? Any chance it got dusty?)

Maybe something is looping or running hard and heating the thing up? Or are you able to begin playing content after killing the screen saver and keep going another long time?

We definitely regularly exceed 15 minutes without any input (on longer TV shows and movies), in Infuse and other apps. And we’ve never seen the screensaver override active playback before. This particular time it’s possible we had pressed “Skip Intro” at the beginning of the episode, so with the crash around 7 minutes it shouldn’t have been a timer activating.

We were able to pick up playback on the same file right where it left off without any issues (and continued on for several more episodes after that). But I haven’t tried playing the same file again from the very beginning.

ATV is in a media cabinet. The fan was not spinning when I just checked it, nor did it seem particularly hot to the touch. I didn’t see any other evidence of overheating either (such as stuttering).

You may want to wait till it happens again and when you get back to Infuse after the crash first thing send in a diagnostics and post the 5 digit code here in the thread.

That way maybe the dev can look it over and see if there’s any info to help.


Just happened again. We were watching an episode when suddenly the sound cut out and a black screen appeared, and then a second or two later we were at the ATV home screen. I think the black screen was the ATV switching frame rates after the crash. I think no screen saver since it was less than 2 minutes since we had clicked ‘skip intro’.

First thing I did after re-opening Infuse was submit diagnostics. The code is 2PN96

Just happened again, about 6 minutes after the last occurrence I just posted about. First time it’s happened back to back like that.

Uploaded diagnostics again. New code is N30FJ

Maybe you got some sort of memory corruption happening on the OS level. You could try restoring it and see if that fixes the issue.

Before you restore it though I’d give the devs a chance to take a peek at the reports if you have the time.

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Thanks for sending this in. We’ll take a deeper look into what is going on.


Something similar happened to me too yesterday evening. I watched a full 4K HDR movie, and then went to start another one and the app quickly crashed a few minutes into the second one.

Streaming cache is set to Memory Only, Apple TV 4K 2021 (second gen). Infuse 7.5.8.

(Also, side question. I’m using Memory Only cache because when it’s set to Auto, actions like fast forwarding, pausing, changing the audio track, changing the subtitle, etc. quickly become slow and kind of unresponsive with the 2nd gen during playback. I don’t get this behavior at all with the other Apple TV 4K 2022 (3rd gen) I have in the house. Is it something that could be improved with the 2nd gen at all?)

This also happens to me on my Apple TV 4K 2021.

You both may want to send in diagnostics right after the crash and post the 5 digit code here.

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We believe we may have narrowed this down, and the issue is related to certain embedded subtitles.

A fix should be available in the next update.

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