InfuseSync Jellyfin plugin stops syncing

I have noticed that InfuseSync Jellyfin plugin stops syncing after a while at all. At first it is working fine, and you don’t have to wait when opening Infuse, but after a few hour it stops syncing at all.
When uninstalling the plugin and restarting Jellyfin, the synchronization a back working again, but you have to wait some time every time you open Infuse (as expected).

Is this a known issue?

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First, you should make sure you’re running the latest version of the Infuse plugin and also the latest version of the jellyfin server. There have been numerous improvements lately and they require the latest versions of both.

Don’t forget that the Apple OS determines which app and how much resources they get for background refreshing. If you have several apps that are authorized to use the background refresh then Infuse may not be getting the time needed to do it’s database updates.

I went through my OS settings for background app refresh and turned off everything but Infuse and now it seems to be pretty constant at syncing within a minute or two usually.

Thanks for a quick reply.
Yes, of course I am on both latest versions.
I can understand your iOS background point, and this is fine however I would at least expect to get it in sync once I am opening the Infuse app. But once it is stop syncing it never syncs again, even when opening the app.
If I remove the plugin then the sync is always working when opening the app, however it take a lot of time, again, as expected without a plugin.

Just to cover the bases, could you provide the versions of Infuse, Jellyfin, and the plugin? That way others that may be having similar issues can compare apples to apples. :wink:

Yes, of course. No problem
Jellyfin 10.6.3, running in Docker on Synology NAS.
Infuse Pro 6.4.8

If you notice this happening again, would you mind sending in a report from Infuse (via Settings > Submit Diagnostics) and post the 5 digit code here?

Just did


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I did some more testing and realized that this happens because I have 2 Apple devices, my iPhone and iPad, both connected with Infuse to the same Jellyfin user. Opening one of them being synced successfully with the plugin, but opening the second probably thinks that it is already synced and it shows synced but I see old information.

I think I have finally got to the bottom of it.
This is kind of my wrong usage, although it might be also mentioned somewhere.
The thing is that at the moment of plugin installation all your Infuse devices must be in sync with the server.
This plugin seems to be working on deltas only. So anything that was changed on the server and not synced to specific device before installing the plugin, will never be updated on that device.
So the solution is, uninstall the plugin, resync properly all Infuse devices and then install the plugin back. After all the changes will synced on all devices properly.

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We believe this issue should be resolved in the 6.5 update.

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