InfuseSync (Jellyfin/Emby) vs Plex without it

I’m pretty sure indexing is much faster from my Jellyfin server than it is with Plex. Is the
InfuseSync plugin making it so much more efficient?

It’s what it’s designed to do.

A few observations of differences between using Jellyfin & Plex:

(1) Infused keeps “Fetching Up Next list” with Plex without an end insight. I’ve closed, reopened, clicked “Scan for Changes” but nothing makes a difference. Once in a while it removes some ~190 TV show episodes, the count shows up under “Other” for a few seconds and then it is back to zero and added to the TV Episodes count. Update: It switched to fetching from server after a long time & then it went back to “Fetching Up Next list”

(2) Am I seeing it correctly that Plex combines multiples versions of TV episodes and movies? In the library view I cannot tell that there are two versions, nor does it show it the way Infuse native does 1080p version 4k DV version. Only after I press play does it offer which version to play. With Jellyfin I see an item count under the poster and the both version selectable prior to pressing play 1080p & 4k DV.

Has anyone noticed an indexing speed difference between using Jellyfin & Plex?