Infuses groups together "movies" libraries from plex

this might be an easy question but i’m new to infuse.

have a mature plex server and have been using the official plex client up until recently when i started using ATVs (current gen). the plex client currently has a bug that causes the ATV to overheat and thermal throttle, so i’ve installed infuse which plays everything just fine.

my question is, in my plex server i have 3 libraries that are “movie” type - Movies, Live Comedy, Music Videos. i’ve linked plex to infuse and it’s pulled in all my content, but it is merging those 3 libraries into the 1 “movies” library within infuse.

is there a way to have these split out like plex displays them as separate groups?

Yes, you can choose which libraries Infuse pulls into its own local library. The individual Plex libraries can be selected/deselected in the Infuse > Settings > Library menu.

You can also pin individual Plex libraries to the Home Screen to access them directly, without grouping them into Infuse’s library. To do this, simply browse the purple Plex icon which appears on the home screen (or through the saved Plex share in the settings area) and long-press on a library icon to add it as a favorite.

OK I’ve managed to pin those plex libraries to the Home Screen and remove the existing ones, however I can’t seem to see an option to change the order of those favourites? It seems to be stuck in alphabetical order.

Also, when selecting my “movies” library favourite it isn’t grouping my existing collections together (the previous favourite did), and the grouping setting is set to on.

Currently, favorites are sorted alphabetically and this cannot be changed. There has been some interest in customization this, and you can follow this thread for updates.

Collections will only be visible in the Library at this time, but there are a number of improvements in progress as part of ‘Direct Mode’ which will be available for Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex connections. More info can be found in this thread.