InfusePro 6.4 update: Great but why is more dark now? And I can't download subtitles again

I have updated Infuse Pro to 6.4. In general, great! But comparing with the earlier version, it look more dark in general, not only the HDR movies, is a bit disappointing. I have a Samsung Q85 tv and I have have rich black but other apps such as Netflix is more bright. I hope Infuse fix the darkness and make more bright in dark scenes… But sharpness and dept is great.
Now I have the issue I can’t download the subtitles, this was happen in earlier versions too. That is really annoying. Please fix that problem?

Are you noticing this darkness with all videos, or just a few?

If the subtitle issue appears again, can you drop us a quick note from your device so we can take a look?

I have the same issue, especially with hdr10+ videos. The tone mapping it’s wrong. Huge difference between infuse and oppo 203. Should be minimal on conversion to hdr10, it’s not DV…

hdr10+ is not supported by apple tv, so it will use only hdr10 info

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I know that, just hdr10 info it’s wrong passed to Tv.

Darkness is to all videos in general. Comparing with for example, Netflix app, less detail in dark scenes. Could be indeed because of Apple doesn’t support HDR10+, only HDR10. I hope the new Apple TV which appears soon, supports HDR10+ as well. And a suggestion for future version, maybe great when get info about the HDR (is it HDR10, HDR10+ or Dolby Vision?)
And i noticed all of my 4K movies with HDR shown just HDR or nothing. No Dolby Vision tag.
Subtitles issue is ok now, but appears frequently when updated to a new version.
For the rest: ONLY COMPLIMENTS about Infuse Pro!!

This will only show up for single layer DV files as Apple TV cannot play dual layer, so infuse isn’t tagging them.