Infuse5, Apple tv4 & external harddrive connected to router

I can see my external hard drive on the Apple tv4 with Infuse5, however all .jpg (photo) files and .dv (movie) files are greyed out and non-selectable. I used via my iPhone and same problem although using infuse on iPhone (but not on Apple tv4) I could play one movie file with .mp4 extension.

Am I doing something wrong?

as an additional point (although not important to me) all my FLAC music files are also greyed out and non playable.

Would really appreciate any help - a bit of a novice at this I’m afraid.


Well first off, Infuse doesn’t play photo or music files, it’s strictly video for now. It handles a bunch of video formats but I don’t think .DV is one of them.

I haven’t run across a DV before but it appears it’s primarily from video cameras so you may want to look into changing your DV files into a more common format such as mp4, mkv, or one of the several others that Infuse handles. You can see a list on the bottom of the page here. Infuse 6 - An elegant video player | Firecore

You really don’t need to duplicate your post from yesterday, we’ll try and help as we can but you did get answers in your post by the same title as this one yesterday.

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