Infuse5, Apple tv4 & external harddrive connected to router

I can see my external hard drive on the Apple tv4 with Infuse5, however all .jpg (photo) files and .dv (movie) files are greyed out and non-selectable. I used via my iPhone and same problem although using infuse on iPhone (but not on Apple tv4) I could play one movie file with .mp4 extension.

Am I doing something wrong?

as an additional point (although not important to me) all my FLAC music files are also greyed out and non playable.

Would really appreciate any help - a bit of a novice at this I’m afraid.


Infuse 5 is not a photograph or music player (at least at the moment … who knows if this might change in the future). The original Infuse that was available for jailbroken ATV2s did support music and photographs as well as video files; but the version available via the App Store does not.

The audio formats supported that are mentioned in the Infuse description in the App Store refer to the audio tracks within a video file; not standalone audio files.

Sorry cannot comment on .dv movie files.

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