Infuse2 no add connection to smb


I cannot add my nas or other device to my latest upgrade to Infuse2 (iphone 4s ios 704! Option as described not visible.

2x 4,99€ popup? In app buy. Supposed to be free. Confused.

After 2 deinstalls and 1 reboot i could update to the right version.

Keep you posted. Only hope that I won’t be credited for 9,98€

We created a new guide today for setting up shares in Infuse that may help.

Thx. James looks good the new feature. now I can use my atv3 (cheers).

What Can you tell me about the in app buy. I bought the previous version.

Great! :slight_smile:

If you bought any version of Infuse 1, you can just tap the Restore button on the purchase prompt in Infuse 2 to get a free upgrade to Infuse Pro.

Then I did something wrong. I wait and see if I am credited.

For now I am going to play with the new features. Thanks for the quick reply.

Sorry for the late reply but unfortunately I was creditted for the upgrade.
Nice upgrade but free was not for my upgrade attempt.

The only issue is the droppes in the stream with a 54g wifi. (where can we post feature requests?)

Keep up the hard work and hope that the ATV3 will be cracked soon :slight_smile: