Infuse + Xiaomi Mi Box support

Hello! I’m planning to buy Xiaomi Mi Box, it’s basically a device that turns regular tv to SmartTV based on Android 8, and i want to stream content from my ipad to the bigger screen. It has built-in Chromcast and Wifi. Will infuse work with it? Thank you!

Please check the supported formats for chromecast. I believe only certain ones are supported.

Like @munpip214 said you can find more info on this in the users guide here.

I checked this page, but it doesn’t have a list of supported devices, unfortunately… only the video/audio formats that can be played through chromecast. i guess i’ll have to buy it first and then find out… though it would be nice if the team added support for such devices as well, if that is possible

Yes that’s what I wanted you to know. Make sure the videos you have are supported, otherwise chromecast won’t work.

so mibox will work with infuse as long as the video is in appropriate format? That’s not a problem for me then, most of my content is in .mkv anyways. I just want to be sure if infuse is compitable with mibox itself

Being an MKV is only a small part of the requirements. The rest (and most likely more important like codecs used and specific video requirements) requirements are listed on that users guide

Examples are h264, hevc, etc. use mediainfo app to look up specifics if you don’t know

more specifically, i regularly use all of the codecs and containers listed on that page, except the ones that are crossed-out
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