Infuse wrong surround with Apple TV 4k + stereo HomePods

Oke, I thought what if I started clean? So I reinstalled Infuse and instead of connecting it through Plex, just connect it directly to my NAS. And there is the LFE channel! So cleary there was something wrong between Infuse and Plex connection (will dive into that one myself).

But still it doesn’t sound as ‘surround’ as through the internal ATV player. Is that because of the different ‘sound’ profiles you have with Spatial Audio? I can imagine if it does the ‘AirPod profile’ on the HomePods it will sound ‘wrong’.

And all the Atmos movies/videos sound more hollow in Infuse. Is that because there is currently no Atmos support with Spatial Audio? Or does the HomePods not need that?

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Today’s 7.5.7 update includes a number of audio related improvements, so it might be worth testing to see if this improves audio quality with your setup.

I’d also recommend updating to tvOS 16.5, if you haven’t already.

Hi James, thanks for coming back on this. Unfortunately there is no difference in this regards. Still the same test files/movies sounds notably different then in Plex (old player) or directly played through the Apple TV internal player.

There is also an app in the App Store called FileBrowserTV, which plays mp4/m4v from a share through the internal AV player (but the GUI is just a file/folder list). Would be nice if Infuse gave that (play through internal av player) as an option voor files which are ATV compatible.

My experiences are different. All channels are working fine when I play the dolby test videos in infuse with stereo HomePods connected.

If you mean working fine in the way that all channel play sound. I agree.

If you test the following file:

Do the left, left surround and left height all sound the same at your setup?
Or do the left surround and height channels sound almost sound like they come from the back or above?