Infuse wrong surround with Apple TV 4k + stereo HomePods

That’s how firecore works…
The are many other bug reports they also ignore…
Like this one

And we are not the only ones

Many bugs are ignored and a lot suggestions are ignored or „planned“ for years

I‘m still missing MRMC which I used before the developers stoped working on it and take a pandemic nap….

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Yeah I switched from MrMc to Infuse because of their ‘better’ support :frowning:

This is still on our radar, but isn’t something we’ve been able to replicate here (even testing with an LG G1).

If you have a chance, can you try replicating this with one of the samples linked above (confirming no sound from LFE) then send in a report from your device (and post the code here)?

I’ll will send the report next week after my holiday break. :+1:

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Any news?

Atmos : P9SNE
True HD: F731V

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Can we get any update please?

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Can we get any update please?

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So maybe the implementation of Spatial Audio is related to the HomePod issue?
Any update on this?

And another week went by without any feedback :frowning:

This is still on our radar, but we have not managed to replicate the issue here with a number of different setups. This makes troubleshooting a bit tricky.

Anecdotally, one of my personal setups uses HomePods and the sound is very full (and definitely includes LFE).

Hi James,

Is that a stereo setup with the original HomePods you’ve got?

Can you test the following file:

It is the first file from the following site:

That is Dolby Atmos Amaze demo which has no surround an no bass (especially notice when there is thunder) in Infuse.

Plex and internal Apple player sound rich and bass heavy, in Infuse it sounds dull and no bass.


I think the best video file to test this with is a channel test video. Then there can be no subjective opinion on wether or not the LFE channel is working.

You may want to provide a link to the file you’re referring to since there are some channel test videos that are bogus out there. :wink:

Not needed, the surround and bass in this test file is night and day different between Infuse and other players.

And also provided a channel test demo file months ago where there is no sound when the LFE is playing in Infuse.