Infuse wrong surround with Apple TV 4k + stereo HomePods

The following thread has been closed, but problem hasn’t been solved:

Can someone please look into this?

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Why do some of the subjects like this (and also for example deinterlacing for PAL 50Hz) totally ignored?

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And another week without reply went by…

Keeping this one a live. Come on! Not even a moderator is replying to this one, very customer unfriendly.

Not sure if I understood correctly.

Do you want to get a 5.1 Surround sound out of a two speaker Stereo setup?

How should that work?

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If you are sending 5.1 from Infuse to aTV with only a stereo speaker set up, make sure that the aTV audio Format setting under video and audio is correctly set .
Try using change format : on and new Format: stereo

The original HomePod has a seven speaker array, with two HomePods you get a fake surround (which works pretty oke). With Infuse it doesn’t work (no bass, no height channels, etc.), with the internal video app of the Apple TV (or with the Plex app (using the ‘old’ video player setting) it works correctly. See here for the OP explanation:

So a ‘stereo’ HomePod setup is more like an 7.1.2 soundbar (and should be treated that way).

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Ah ok. So my understanding was wrong

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I’m not able to replicate any issues with this here.

What type of files are you playing?

Are your HomePods set as ‘Default Audio Output’ for the Apple TV in Settings > Video and Audio?

I ran a few tests with these samples, and all the channels are heard (tvOS 15.5.1 and Infuse 7.4). Can you try these and see how they play for you?

Yes they are the default Audio Output.

Tested the three files an this is how they are routed (channel input → output:
L → L
C → LR
R → R
Ls → L
Rs → R
Lr → L
Rr → R
LFE → no sound

Plex and/or through the Home Sharing app of the Apple TV:
L → L
C → LR
R → R
Ls → L (but sounds from behind you)
Rs → R (but sounds from behind you)
Lr → L (but sounds from behind you)
Rr → R (but sounds from behind you)
LFE → LR bass heavy

Do you have an Apple TV 4k with stereo (original) HomePods setup? Then you can easily see that it sounds wrong with these two test files:

Dolby Atmos - 5.1.2 Sound Check.m4v
Infuse: no LFE, the rest just sound through L and/or R (stereo)
Plex/Home Sharing: LFE sounds and the height and surround channels play as ‘surround’

Dolby Atmos - Amaze.m4v
Infuse: it sounds stereo and there is no bass. Especially the scene where it says Powerfull Bass, there is no thunder rumble. The butterfly goes from right to left.
Plex/Home Sharing: Everything sounds around you, the butterfly flies ‘around you’ and there is big thunder sounding (even shaking some items in my room, still amazed how bass heavy the original HomePods are)

Thanks for looking into it!

Which version of tvOS and Infuse?

Latest Infuse 7.4 beta from today and latest tvOS 15.5.1.

But as you can see in the link to the other thread above it is not working for months. So tvOS 14.x-15.x and infuse 7.x always the same issue.

It’s exactly like this in my setup
Apple TV 4k (2021) & 2 HomePod (original) in Stereo Setup
Infuse 7.4 & TVOS 15.5.1
Tested all files (the three of James & the two of you)

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I’m wondering if there is some sort of environmental factor that is causing this for you, while it seems to work as expected here. The most obvious thing is I’m clearly getting sound from the LFE channel, and you are not.

Which Apple TV model are you using?

Can you provide a bit more info on the device the Apple TV is connected to? Is it connected directly to a TV? If so, which model?

Apple TV 4K 2021 directly connected to an LG OLED65G1.

Apple TV 4k (2021)
Only connected to Ethernet and my Philips 77OLED806 via HDMI 2.0 cable
I‘ve tested with Reduce Bass Switsch on and off which changed nothing
Also I rebooted my Apple TV and the HomePods + killed the infuse app but nothing changed

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Anything new on this topic?
I’ve also tested the files in my bedroom (ATV 4K 1Gen with an old Sharp Full HD TV and 2 HomePod Classic as Stereo Pair) with the same results…

Edit: Infuse is on the latest release version 7.4.1 on both ATVs

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Poster from the original topic here, I can also confirm that it is still not behaving properly on my setup.
Using ATV 4K (latest model), Panasonic TV (but tv would not mather because the connection is between the ATV and the Homepods).

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So three people with the same issue and it is still being ignored :frowning: