Infuse works fine on ATV only using plex server

I have a strange issue, infuse works fine connected to my Plex server with 2 x ATV’s on a wired network, but no longer works on iPhone, iPad and laptop on a wireless network. They just report indexing failed all the time.

All on the latest version of infuse.

Any ideas please.


Sounds like your WiFi router may have renewed your plex servers local IP address.

Thanks for the quick reply, my server is on a fixed ip, so don’t think it’s that.

I don’t use Plex but I’ve seen where one of the numerous black magic settings it has will cause very strange problems with connecting. Just as a curiosity will one of your ATVs connect via WiFi as a test? If not it may be something in Plex telling it not to allow WiFi it sees as non local.

Hopefully one of the Plex gurus will chime in here. :wink:

Hi and thanks for the reply, I will try that soon and report back.

Just add though the actual plex app itself works fine on wifi on the same devices, so its just infuse that does not work.