Infuse won't sync and show new content with Emby

I purchased Infuse 3 month ago and since then, I’ve never been able to get it to update on it’s own as I’m forced to delete the Cache every time to get Infuse to update properly. At first it was a nightmare, as I was deleting and re-adding my Emby server, luckily I realized that simply deleting the cache did the same thing.

I’ve tried creating new Emby users, changed the password, re-installed Infuse, nothing helped. And I realized that there is no “connection issue”, since deleting the cache simply forces infuse to read everything again and it succeeds. It simply refuses to get the new content once it’s setup.

I’ve written to support a month ago but never got a reply :frowning:
I’d really like to get this fixed as it makes the experience of using Infuse pretty terrible.

The Diagnostics I had sent back then was: J4Y83

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