Infuse wont scrape '80s Japanese cartoon (c)

Hello, I have this old cartoon called God Sigma (50 episodes in total).

I’ve checked, it’s present on

But for some reasons, Infuse does not find any related info, even if I modify metadata manually, writing the name of the cartoon “God Sigma” in the first episode, as I normally do for other TV shows and cartoons.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot,

If you name the folders and files like this it will find the info without a hitch. :wink:

Just tested it and it pulled all info first time.

You are right. Manually I couldn’t find the metadata, but renaming episodes as “Space Emperor God Sigma” (the English edition name) it pulls metadata immediately.

Thanks for your advice.

And wow, you’ve mkv episodes, lucky you!

Kind regards,

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Glad it fixed your problem!

BTW those are actually dummy files that are 1 mb in size that I just change the names on for testing. :wink:

I’m glad too.

So far, Infuse is the best video-managing and playing app for iOS and macOS. And the support is more than efficent.

BTW those are actually dummy files

Ok, so I don’t envy your files :smiley:

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