Infuse won't "really" close after Cmd + Q or + W


I’m currently testing the Alpha of infuse for Mac.

I run it under a MacBook Air from end of 2018, Big Sur installed.

I’m playing local videos (even if it’s not the main goal of the application) and when I’m trying to quit them with cmd + W or Q, the app is apparently closed but not based on the terminal.

And if I click on the icon again, my video is here again like it has only been hidden.

PS : it could also be a cool feature to be able to reduce/increase the timing of the interface when you move the mouse when a video is playing. I watch a lot of subtitled shows and sometimes, the interface hide subtitles.

Thank you

We have a few things in this area we are looking into.

With regard go the playback controls…you can drag to relocate these in today’s alpha 3 update. :slight_smile:

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