Infuse won't play videos after a certain point

I have been using Infuse for a long time now and I have only recently encountered this problem.

I am able to play certain videos normally up until a certain point when the video briefly shows the loading icon (as if I had just opened it) and then goes blank. Then the buffer bar begins fast forwarding by itself, skipping through the video a few minutes at a time (the screen is still black, however.) if I let it continue to fast forward it will just keep going until the end of the video.

The point when the video stops working is different for each video, sometimes it’s 6:45 and sometimes it’s 11:17 but so far it seems it always happens relatively early on in the video.

So far, all the files that have had this problem are .mp4 but I’m not sure if that’s relevant because I have played many other .mp4 videos in the past with no problems.
All the videos that are broken like this are over 40 minutes long, though that also may not be relevant as I have played much longer .mp4 videos with no problem in the past.

  • Transferring the videos to another device with a freshly installed version of Infuse did not help (the bug still occurred, with the same stopping point)
  • Clearing space by deleting other videos on Infuse did not fix it
  • Turning on/off wifi, airplane mode, Bluetooth did not help
  • Deleting all metadata did not help
  • Restarting the iPhone and closing the app did not seem to help either

I was able to find a thread posted by another user who has almost the same problem but that was in 2014:

I am using an iPhone 6 with iOS 9.3.5, running Infuse Pro v4.3.2.


Sorry to hear about that.

If you play the same video again, does the issue occur at the same point?

Yes, each affected video seems to have one point where the issue always occurs.