Infuse won't connect to imac via SMB

I appreciate your heroic efforts.
If it does not work for me - I guess the only way would be to start from factory settings…
Thank you

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Again, sorry I couldn’t find more. I have to get the iMac back on it’s original journey but I’ll keep digging around to see if I can find any other reason. Let me know if you find a difference between the iMac and the MBP, I’d be interested in finding out what’s causing the iMac to be grumpy.

I too would be really interested to know what is happening. As a first time user of Infuse and connecting to several other Macs around the house ie - Mac Mini and a MacBook Air. Two of the Mac’s running on Big Sur and the MM on Sierra, it really was straight forward.

I feel the pain when you cannot get something working, but I suspect it is something very easily overlooked. I know that does not help, but the suggestions above cover just about everything. Short of taking access of your Mac and someone else having a look, not much else to do, fresh set of eyes so to speak.

I will be real interested to know the issue once you get it working though.