Infuse won't add shares off my NAS

Hi everybody,

my first post here, unfortunately to report an issue.

Till before summer I have been happily using Infuse 6 Pro to stream movies off of a QNAP TS-212P NAS to my AppleTV 4th gen, back then the NAS IP ended with a .07, for some reason the NAS was assigned a different IP ending with .05 but I can still menage to access it regularly through the administration page and through the FTP protocol off of my computers and other devices.

I added a movie onto the NAS shared folder and turned on Infuse, it would show the previous movies list but won’t update it, I went to manually update but nothing happens, tried to remove the shares and re add them but nothing happens, removed the app itself and re download it but at this point I am not able to add any of the NAS shares (both showing with the NAS name and with the IP address), when I try to add a share point by entering the login and password I use to access the NAS as an administrator it fails somewhere and I get an error message saying it couldn’t be added.

What can I do to solve this issue preventing me to use Infuse?



Instead of trying to use the NAS administrator login have you tried setting up a NAS user specifically for Infuse with different user name and pass and with the needed read write privileges?

Also the incorrect IP address on the Infuse share settings info will definitely cause it to not connect.

Set your nas to static IP. Make folder accessible by guests/anonymous if possible

What I did was to change the access policies in the NAS control panel, I had set to accept connections from IP to and all of my devices use to fall within that interval there included the AppleTV, I removed the restrictions and it started working again

Thank you for your suggestions


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