Infuse without iphone

Hello, i am planning on buying an atv 4k specially to use infuse + google drive on it as i just like infuse interface a lot and heard great things.
The problem is i dont have an iphone anymore, and i saw in order to setup infuse with google drive u need an iphone, no other way.
Now the question is, if i use a friend’s iphone to set it up first time, can i remove it from his phone after?
Or in oorder to keek scanning for new things added, infuse must run on the iphone no matter what?
Thanx in advance!

An iOS device will be required in order to add cloud shares (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box).

However, this is a one-time setup, and once the shares are added and synced to your iCloud account the iOS device will no longer be needed.

Keep in mind, it will be possible to remove shares via the Apple TV, and if this is done you would need an iOS device in order to add them back again.

Thats what i wanted to know!!
Ill setup infuse with gdrive on a friend’s iphone, then remove from its phone.
After that i guess infuse will pick new folder changes on its own

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Exactly, each device is able to access Google Drive (or other cloud service) independently.

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