Infuse with PlexServer on AppleTV 4K(Remotely Access)


If I am using the Infuse app, while streaming from my Plex media server, is Plex still transcoding from my server or is Infuse letting the Apple TV handle it by itself?
I am asking because my friend got an Apple TV, and I want to share my plex server with him. But my NAS is too slow transcoding…

Actually the Apple TV is letting the Infuse player do the work, Plex is merely acting as a server with no transcoding.

If it’s being accessed remotely make sure you have the upstream bandwidth from the server side as well as the download bandwidth on the ATV side to handle the level of video you are trying to stream. High resolution like 4K and high bit rate files may take some serious bandwidth.

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Thanks for the reply.

My connection speed is 100/50. My friend has the same connection.

For now, it is most likely only 1080P, and best possibly audio. But if Infuse are doing all the work, he has to get Infuse pro for sure! Much better than Plex then.

I will add, the ATV4K will handle things much better than the ATV4 with a better processor it handles decoding much better even for non 4K content. This is not to say the ATV4 won’t work, it’s very capable with most files but if you’re using the higher compression codecs like x265 and high bit rates the 4K version is more at home with that content.

I forgot to mention, that my friend and I both have the 4k version.

Thanks again for clarifying!

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