Infuse with Plex

Using Infuse PRO 7.7.1 (4749) and ATV4K
I decided to try plex with infuse so I can have smart folders for special collections.
I added a drive to test this and moved some movies to this drive.
I installed the plex server, created the smart collection fold. It appears in the infuse Movie collection as I wanted.
Now the issue, when I go to a collection movie in Plex and go to the cast, (click on example Hugh Jackson), only Hugh Jackson movies show that are on Plex. If I got to a movie not on Plex, all Hugh Jackson movies appear except the one on Plex.
When I do a search, there are two Hugh Jackson images, one for Plex and one for non Plex.
Shouldn’t the appear together not as two separate list

If you are using Direct Mode cross-search will be available soon.

I’m not using direct mode.