Infuse with Plex : can't read movies

Hi, for some time I can not always read my movies on infuse pro linked to plex.

At the launch of the movie I have the wheel for several seconds and I get the message “an error occurred when launching this content”.
The thing is that the problem does not come from my films because after several attempts the film starts…

Any idea ? thank you in advance

i have the same issue with plex “an error occurred when launching this content” … always
SMB shares work.

Sorry for the trouble.

If you are able to submit a report from your device and open a support ticket we can look further into what may be going on here.

done that 4 days ago, no response at this time…

aaaaaaaaaaaand still waiting for response… ticket #112330

and btw… subtitles downloads do not work.

Finally support answered so i tried to change ‘Limit remote stream bitrate’ option to ‘Original (no limit)’ on plex server.
Now its working.

Glad you are back on track!

Currently, Infuse will Direct Play everything from Plex, and as a result if the bandwidth limit is lower than the actual video being played then Infuse will not be able to play the video.

We will be looking into optional transcoding features for an upcoming version, which would allow Infuse to stream at lower bitrates if/when needed.

Hi, as i still have many issues i generated a report (code : 0CJ9D)


Did you have a chance to try what worked for the other poster that solved their problem which they said was the same as yours?

No because it seems that the option requires a Plex Pass and i don’t have it… :frowning:

I guess the other poster that chimed in got your post off track a bit. Sorry about that. Since you didn’t post for several weeks I guess they thought it was all good. I’ll unmark your post as solved and hopefully James can look into your report. :wink:

Just in case, have you updated to 5.9.2? There may be some changes there that would help.

Hmm, it appears this may be a semi-recent change.

Unfortunately, it seems the defaults are too low for direct streaming some files, and without a Plex Pass it seems these cannot be adjusted.

We hope to integrate Plex’s transcoding features in a future update, but for now it seems without a Plex Pass directly streaming of these videos over remote connections is not possible. :frowning:

I’m not sure this is the source of my problem because I manage to read the movies after 2-3 attempts and closing the application.
The problem is really when I open the app the first time and I want to run a movie (no matter whether it’s 4k or light 1080p)

Are you streaming remotely, or is Plex running on your local network?

Can you try updating to 5.9.2 and then send in a new report if the issue persists? (5.9.2 has some extra logging for Plex which may help here).

I’m pretty sure i was on 5.9.2 when i sent my report :wink: (in fact, every time i see a new update i try it to see if my problem is gone)

Got it. We’ll take a look. Thanks!

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