Infuse wishlist

Hi guys,

I really love infuse more and more. But i’m still missing some little things about movie info:

  1. Text or a little icon if the movie is in 3D.
    Sometimes I have more than one version of a movie. Then I quickly can choose the right one.

  2. What the (main) spoken language of the movie is. So my kids can choose the Dutch version right away. Maybe could this also be handy for search/favourite/sort options?

  3. Language of the downloaded subtitles. Than you also quickly can see if a subtitle already has been downloaded or embedded.

Some other features like:

  1. The possibility to watch a 3D movie in 2D! Sometimes you just don’t want put on some 3D glasses.

  2. Making a favorite from a search result. For Example: Disney, Pixar etc.

Some of these features are also in Kodi and I think very useful.
Hopefully I’m not the only one? And if some requests already has been posted I’m sorry for that.

Icons for 4K, HDR, Atmos, dts:X soundtracks (even if you can’t pass through the metadata so we know it’s there)

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