Infuse will pause/interruption when play some recodification movie

infuse will pause/interruption when play some recodification movie
The problem video are all from FRDS–a video recodifition group aim to mix high quality video&audio&special effects subtitle. Actually, I only watch product from this group recently, I am not sure it is their problem in manufacture or not.

Environment: iPad 10.5 with iOS 12.1, Plex Server, infuse 5.9.2(2380), Home LAN

So the performance is:
1.Stuck/pause at 2:09/3:03/4:51/5:45/6:20/10:32 (can skip a little seconds to fix and continue play) when play

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2.Stuck/pause at 4:30 (can not do anything immediately include forward/backward/setting/done ) when play

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AND example 1 work well at other player such as plex app in ios/windows/android, potplayer in windows, example 2 has NO problem when not chose subtitle. So I think the PGS special effects subtitle may cause example 2 problem, but example 1 also has problem when has not chose subtitle. I think two issue are not same reason.

So please help check this out, it confused me a lot.

Thanks for the report.

We’ll take a look at these subtitles and see if we can track down what may be going on.

The 5.9.4 update, which was released today, includes improved support for complex PGS subtitles like these.

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