Infuse will not start up


Since update to latest version of Infuse, I have been having a number of problems. First, Infuse refused to render folder icons. Then it stopped working at all. So now, I have Infuse that will not launch.

I have a second Apple TV with infuse. That seems to be working fine.

Both have the exact same shares. But they are not synced. I am afraid I have found synching to be disruptive so systematically turn it off.

Will I have to re-install Infuse. Hope not as I have a ton of metadata in there:( Much manually tweaked.



We believe this has been resolved in the 6.4.2 update which was released yesterday evening.

Please give this a try and let us know how it goes.

Hi there

Updated to 6.4.2 and everything is back in order.

You guys rock



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