Infuse WiFi playback for high bit rate videos (iPad)


I raised a support ticket with Infuse nearly a month ago about this but received no response, so I wondered if anyone else has this problem.

I have an issue with the “streaming cache” mode on iPad in Infuse.
My understanding is that in auto mode it caches video data so that even in variable network conditions you will still get smooth playback.
Indeed I can see this happening on the player timeline where it indicates in light grey how much video has been cached, and it will often cache the entire remaining part of the video quite quickly (depending on video bitrate). So for lower bitrate videos this works perfectly.

However this does not work correctly for videos with higher bit rates.

I have videos at around 11 Mbytes/sec and my WiFi is capable of transferring data at over 30Mbytes/sec from my NAS to my iPad. I can easily check this from my NAS.

When an 11 Mbytes/sec video is in pause mode, the stream caching only transfers data at around 7.5 Mbytes/sec. When you continue playback, the caching still only occurs at 7.5 Mbytes/sec. So playback gradually catches up with the cached data, and only then does the data transfer jump back to the 11 Mbytes/sec of my video.
Obviously, if there was a temporary drop in network performance at that point then video stuttering could occur.

So, has anyone else experienced this?
Does anyone else have video with very high bitrates?

What I would like to see is an additional option for the stream caching, so you can specify a bitrate for caching. You would then set this option to something higher than the bit rate of all your videos. In my case I’d want to set this to at least 15 Mbytes/sec.

Does anyone have any thoughts about this?