Infuse Web

It would be great a web version of the application for a near future.

I’d say this is really outside the scope of what Infuse is supposed to be. At its core Infuse is distributed software. In other words, it’s not like Plex, which is built on a client-server model. Sure, they offer some cloud provider connections, but that’s not the same as what you’re suggesting. What you’re suggesting will require a server to be online, or software to be running locally, whenever requesting access to this Web client. Something would have to be turned on and hosted before connecting to it. I don’t know what Infuse’s roadmap or future looks like, but it would be a significant undertaking and a real paradigm shift. Unless they’ve been secretly working on this, I don’t even see this in Infuse’s far future. I would definitely support its entrance into this market, though. It would be welcome competition.

Nevertheless, I’m liking more and more the decentralized approach to media management over Plex’s centralized approach, which has really become antiquated in my eyes, especially since the increased availability of high-speed, high-capacity Internet plans. If I could manage my libraries on any device, and have the metadata synchronized by some service-agnostic operation that does not care about the contents of the metadata, but simply treats it as a blackbox that can be pushed to anywhere and pulled from, I’d drop Plex entirely.

I understand what you said and I agree. as you said it would be good to edit the metadata and others in any device. I expect a version for PC and Mac in a future.