Infuse vs Plex picture quality

This may be a dumb question, but now that infuse supports syncing with Plex, is there any difference in picture quality if I play on the Plex app vs playing on the infuse app? To clarify, I’m asking more in terms of I play content on infuse that is synced from a Plex account, vs just watching it directly from a Plex account.

Yes there is. Short answer: Apple’s stock player, which Plex uses, sucks big time. Infuse is superior to it.

See my thread here:

Overview of all pictures:

The order is always: PCH, Infuse, MrMC, Plex.


is this still the case now plex use their own video software

No, the results will be different. They will be using mpv as a player (same as emby is using). I dont know how good its decoder engine is.
Its also just the beginning and very limited in terms of playback right now.

I dont have the time right now to do a comparison, sorry.

I wondering how the quality differs now. Anyone else does have some insight?

I recently switched to Infuse from Plex because of problems with Plex playing some TV shows or movies in 1080p. The audio would be fine but the video would stall or stutter. The same files now play perfectly in a Infuse. Also, with Plex, there were a few times when a video would just stop and buffer or display a message that my network is too slow.

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That’s great to hear! :smiley: