Infuse vs Plex Metadata and Tv show naming

Why do I have different metadata for the same anime show in infuse vs plex?
Specials don’t have the same names too.

Picture 1 and 2 is straight Infuse share.
Picture 3 and 4 is Plex share.

Which titles are you seeing when browsing this series via the Plex web app?

When streaming from Plex, Infuse will fetch the metadata and artwork stored in Plex Plex instead of fetching its own from TMDb/TVDb.

Hi James,

It’s exactly the same as it is in the Infuse/Plex.
Is there a way to change where Plex looks for metadata?


Yes, this should be doable through the Plex web app. A guide which may help can be found here.

You should also be able to edit these items manually in Plex as well.

Thank you sir.
Will play with it later.

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