Infuse vs Oppo UHD player


I know this question might result in some biased answers, but I would really like to get an honest opinion in this. I have been using Infuse for quite awhile and have been very happy. However, I am somewhat of a videophile, and as such it is important to me that I get the best possible picture out of my setup. I also own an Oppo UDP-203 player. I would like to get opinions on, whether (from a video quality standpoint) the playback performance would differ in any meaningful way between the Oppo and the Apple TV with Infuse using the same source files.


Are you considering just UHD sources or also HD/SD? The lack of Dolby vision on Apple TV would mean using oppo for those films at least.

There is also this thread: HDR metadata not correct, replaced by standard values

But otherwise it would be nice for someone like Vincent Teoh to do a comparison of Apple TV HDR vs Oppo. I enjoy movies and want the best quality myself but don’t have the expertise to really tell all of those details.

Thanks. I’m considering all UHD/HD/SD. The Dolby Vision issue is not a problem for me as such, since all my files are MKVs and I use Emby as a server. My Oppo won’t play back Dolby Vision from these files anyway, so I’m “stuck” with HDR in any case at this point. I didn’t really understand (noob) everything in that thread, so as you say, would be great of somebody did a more “professional” comparison between the two, especially with the lates Infuse version. I guess the issues discussed in that thread are related to older versions.

The oppo will offer a better home theatre experience. You’ll get full ISO support as well as bitstreaming playback and support for dual layer Dolby vision. The only draw back is the interface sucks.

Infuse offers a better interface but at the expense of being limited by the Apple TV hardware (no dual layer DV, no bitstreamed audio).

Thanks. Since I have all my discs ripped as MKV files, not full disc backups, I cannot take advantage of Dolby Vision anyway via Oppo, and Infuse decodes the audio to PCM, so not losing any audio quality as such. However, what is discussed here: HDR metadata not correct, replaced by standard values, makes me wonder. I cannot really tell any visible difference though between the two, as you can see in my post there…

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