Infuse vs infuse pro?

i dont understand whats the difference between infuse and infuse pro ,its not mentionned anywhere,what cant i do with infuse that i can with pro?

Toward the bottom of the page lists a few of the difference between the free version and the subscription.

doesnt tell which file format is and isnt supported.all i care about is playinr 4k and hdr videos.will the non-pro version do it ? (mp4 and mkv)


The thing that usually gets most people is the audio track in the video file.

Do your videos have Dolby AC3, DTS or DTS-HD sound tracks? If the answer is yes, you will definitely need the Pro version. [This is mentioned in th App Store description in the section called “GET MORE WITH INFUSE PRO!”]. These audio format require a license fee to Dolby which is why they are not available in the free version.

As the non-Pro version is free, why don’t you try installing it and test it with some of your videos … I’ll soon tell you if it needs the Pro erosion.

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i do but i only have my mbp 14 ,which isnt rly dolby compatible is it ?

ye but the problem is i already took infuse pro yearly haha,cuz i thought it was needed to play 4k hdr

Maybe not look at it as a “problem” but as a deal that first, you have fixed rate now for the annual subscription so if it goes up at the app store in the future you will still pay what you do now as long as you don’t let it lapse.

Second, by going to the pro version you don’t have to worry about those formats and codecs that require the pro version to play, you have that covered now.

Third, with the pro version you have all of your corrections to matches, library, playback progress, and watched history in iCloud so if you have a second Apple device like a phone or ipad it will stay matched across all of them and don’t forget that you get the Chromecast and AirPlay ability too.

Lastly and probably most importantly, it helps keep the developer working so they can provide new features, bug fixes, and maintaining a great product. :wink:

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Ye I know i remember you lol

By problem I meant that because of that i couldn’t try the free version as he recommended me ,not that I regret getting the pro ,do you get me ?

Do you have knowlege on which codecs and files arent compatible on free version ?

I only use a Mac :slight_smile:

As for helping the dev ,i agree :+1: