Infuse vs Blu-ray player playback quality

I see lots of people saying that which Blu-ray player you have can affect the quality of your video. If playing an equivalent media (say, a 4K Blu-ray disc and a 4K mkv remux from that disc), how would Infuse/ATV compare to a good disc player? Would there theoretically be any quality differences between the two?

Put another way, if you were optimizing for the absolute best viewing experience, which device would you play the movie back on?

For the sake of discussion, let’s set aside any DV compatibility issues.

Dolby Atmos will be the biggest thing missing from Infuse

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There are probably too many variables on this, even after setting aside any differences between Blu-ray player models.

Technically the full BD and a remux from that BD will look identical. So beyond that it comes down to what’s happening/connected in between.

Personally the best picture I have ever seen is the native player on my LG C2 (but is limited by the codecs it supports). My theory being the source file to the display with nothing in between.

So going off at a slight tangent from what you asked, I will use Plex as an example as it supports so many devices. That same file may look completely different on different hardware devices and what’s more may also look different on the same hardware depending on the software player used.
Plex can use both the native player on the Apple TV or it can use MPV player. To my eyes neither look as good as Infuse does on the Apple TV. But as I say often on these forums, our own eyes are the key thing.

TL;DR It really doesn’t matter what my or anyone else’s opinion is on a “which looks better.” It really only matters which you think looks better.

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The video quality differences will be almost entirely below the level of human perception, even on a fully calibrated mastering monitor costing $20k.

The audio however may be quite different. Lossless Atmos and other lossless immersive formats will be lost and just play as basic pcm surround sound. (Lossy Atmos will play as Atmos just fine but that is seldom available on disks.)

Check this channel:
Many tests also include Apple TV.

No BluRay players participated in the tests. Media players only.

There’s also the Oppo 203 clone.

The Oppo clone is still considered a media player, not a BD player.

In this respect, it makes no difference.