Infuse, Volume dipping after loud sound, Apple TV, Bluetooth

Having an issue recently where with multi-channel Audio, like movies, a loud sound, such as gunshots, snaps, loud tones, snaps etc.

Immediately after the sound, the volume with dip, or lower significantly and sound muffled, especially in the center and L/R channels.

It will continue to be low for a while then gradually go back to normal levels.
Or, immediately after the volume dips and is low, i can quick pause then instantly resume the video, this restores the proper volume level instantly, until there is another loud sound.

I have confirmed that the Apple TV audio setting “Reduce Loud Sounds” is OFF.
(i tried it with it on and it has a different much more dramatic effect, so for sure not related to this system setting).

I am not using Volume boost in Infuse.

I think it may have something to do with how Infuse is downmixing the 5.1 audio to stereo.
It does not do it with 2.0 audio, like music.

I have hooked up via Bluetooth to the Apple TV 4K a Qudelix-5K DAC connected to a set of 2.1 speakers.
I also use a 2nd one of these DACs connected to a set of headphones.
I have ruled out the DAC as the issue, as, this volume dipping happens when the headphones them selves are direct parried to the Apple TV, and as well as the speakers direct paired.
Seems any Bluetooth audio device as the output is affected.

When i use the 3.5mm audio out jack of my monitor direct to the speakers, it does not happen.
(i do not use this output as the signal is too strong and overpowers the speakers input, its a computer monitor as a display with no volume control, not a tv. Hence why I use a Bluetooth DAC which give much better sound overall anyways)

Furthermore, it is Infuse app issue, and not system as:
When i play the same movie via a streaming app, and not the local file via Infuse, this issue does not happen, even when using the Bluetooth DAC or connection to any other Bluetooth audio device.
They do not have this volume issue when the same files are played back via Emby or VLC apps.
It happens in Infuse with any 5.1 Dolby Digital or DTS etc movie rip file, have tried multiple.

This was not happening before, so I surmise a semi recent update may have changed something?

Apple TV OS 15.3
Infuse Pro 7.3.4 (4009)

Diags sent from app where i played a scene where the issue occurs each time, loud gun shot.

This issue pretty much make using Infuse to watch movies impossible.
Still happens in ver 7.3.5 (4024)
I sent email to the support email that show in the app, but no responce.

Do you have the audio format on your ATV set to Auto? If so, try changing it to Dolby Digital 5.1 and see if that helps.

That setting has no effect. Either set to 5.1 or stereo.

Did you try auto?

It has always been on Auto.

Infuse is odd with its audio.

5.1 Audio tracks are louder than 2.0 Stereo.
When I switch between audio tracks, the volume difference is significant.

it sounds like Infuse is boosting multi channel audio for some reason.
(and no, the Boost Audio is disabled)

All other apps, it is the opposite thing, 5.1 audio is lower volume than 2.0.

For sure, something is messed up with Infuse and its audio processing and/or downmixing.

This is using the exact same file?
Volume difference over all frequencies or specific ones like low end?

Yes of course as stated.
Is the same across all devices i have had over the years, Nvidia Shield, Roku, even normal standalone DVD/Bluray player, 2.0 is always louder, and 5.1/7.1 lower volume,.
Normal due to downmixing the additional channels for 2.0/2.1 output. If they all were mixed at same volume, then it would just be a hot mess with no ability to differentia the separate channels.

Maybe there is some issue or something reversed with Infuse in their codecs.
I thought maybe it was “normalizing” the audio, as some players have option to do, but, that involves both increasing lower sounds, while decreasing the louder sounds, to make them equal.
That is not what is happening. Only loud sounds trigger the overall volume to drop and just be muffled as if someone put a pillows over your ears.

I used to use MPCHC on PC and it showed via its codecs config menu, the default mapping and volume of each channel when it was mixing multi-channel audio, vs raw stereo.

Either way, using the same sources, Infuse clearly process audio in its own way/codec compared to other apps…which seems to be sub-par, as opposed to its excellent video playback and processing (seen in other threads Infuse is using better upscaling and slight sharpen post processing)

But audio wise…aside from the volume dipping issue…
I also get crackle’s and pops when first playing anything with FLAC audio.
In other apps, Plex, Emby, Apple Music, there is no crackels/pops, and, stranger still, other apps seem to have a very tiny bit better clarity and definition/sound stage.
Like i can hear background instruments, like a symbol, or effect, just a tiny bit better playing back the same music video in Plex.

So I am stuck between using Infuse for superior Video output but audio issues, or Plex, with proper audio, and smooth, not as sharp video output.

I made 2 sample audio recording files captured a Sony digital record line in. No change was made by me in volume output via remote or any other source.
Clip is from the 2013 movie, The Last Stand.

Infuse: LINK
(at 35 secs, i pause it, then resume, to show how the volume increases back to normal)

Plex: LINK

Here is looking at the audio waveform in Audacity.


Notice how for sure, Infuse (top) is showing higher levels, then Plex.
At 18secs is the the loud bang (gun shot followed by another), and it dips with Infuse.

Below is zoomed in Infuse levels, just before the bang, it dips, and where the vertical line is, that is where i pause it for a sec, then resume, and you can see the volume level go back to normal.

Below is zoomed in of the loud bang sound to compare both files, top 2 is Infuse, bottom 2 is Plex.
The difference is quite clear.
Notice how the second bang is lower level than the first. followed by the lower dialog, with Infuse.

Plex does a FAR better job with the audio.
You can hear both gun shots clear, and all the background sounds, ricochet, and later dialog stays clear, and at normal volume.

EDIT: here is the a clip of the part of the movie, in case anyone wants to try for themselves (remember, this is Apple TV, and using Bluetooth, it may not do it for you via normal HDMI or what ever wired output your TV or audio hardware is using)

Are you able to test playback on the normal TV speakers (eliminate the Bluetooth variable) to see if the same behavior is observed?

As already stated, in context of this specific dipping issue.
When i use the 3.5mm audio out jack of my monitor direct to the speakers, it does not happen.
(i do not use this output as the signal is too strong and overpowers the speakers input, its a computer monitor as a display with no volume control, not a tv. Hence why I use a Bluetooth DAC which give much better sound overall anyways)

But, the other issue, where Infuse 5.1 audio is louder than 2.0 still exists when using wired 3.5mm out. that happens globally, regardless of audio output device.

It is odd, i admit, that this appears to only happen with bluetooth, however, as I already have stated, a few times now, it ONLY happens with your app, Infuse.
No other app, playing the same source file, or streaming version, exhibits this behavior.
So, ultimately, the output method is not relevant, unless, your app process output devices differently, which is what i suspect.
If this issue happened elsewhere also, then i would suspect it would be something on how TvOS system it self is processing, but that is not the case.

I have fully proven this issue exists, but am not sure how to further test or troubleshoot it.
In the past, I have watched dozens of movies with various multi-channels audio, DTS, AC3, DD, etc. using the same hardware, same headphones and DAC, never had this issue until recently.


Infuse is for sure amplifying 5.1 audio.

I am doing more tests, trying to narrow down perhaps its a certain audio format that is having this issue.
That clip where the dipping issues is very noticeable, was DTS, and a couple other movies i have watched recently were also DTS and I had same issue, but i have other movie rips with DTS audio that do not do this.

But remains a constant, when i switch between Plex and Infuse, same file and audio track, Infuse is much louder. For example, my DACs app reports for live volume level approx -17 to -15db for a scene in TLK 2 movie, the same scene in Infuse, its about -10 to -5db and a sudden roar, nearly blows my ears out, or shakes the room if using speakers.

And, yes, I have tried uninstalling Infuse app from the Apple TV, and re-installing it.
Also, makes no difference if i play the file in Infuse via server connection (Plex or Emby) or direct SMB share, so that is not a factor.

Here is a look at a clip from TLK 2 movie, showing how Infuse audio is amplified/boosted.
(Again, the Boost audio setting is DISABLED in Infuse player.)




For the specific context of 5.1 Audio is higher volume than 2.0 with Infuse, here is video that has both 5.1 AC3 and 2.0 AAC Stereo tracks.

Below, you can see the levels for playback of the 2.0 track, and the 5.1 track.

HERE is a link to a recording of me live switching audio track during playback, you can hear the volume difference easy. 5.1 is louder. (again, this is opposite to every other app I have used)
This happens no matter the audio output device, bluetooth, or line out/hdmi, or any Apple TV system settings or audio device settings. The Volume Boost setting in Infuse is Disabled.

I realize this could be 2 separate issues, however, since it is the only thing else that is different when compared to other apps playback, i am thinking it is related.
Perhaps the amplified 5.1 audio, in the case of very loud sudden sound, is clipping or triggering some sort of hearing protection? if that is thing on TvOs.??? idk. cause not all files with loud sounds does the dipping thing…so, just hard to pin down here…just thinking out loud.

Perhaps, you could upload a build to testflight, that includes a toggle to disable any audio processing, software codecs your app is using if it is not using the native Apple audio processing engine, or whatever other apps use…so that I can test and see if that affects/resolves these issues.

Again, it is just AUDIO that has issues. your video processing is amazing!
I really want to get this audio issues resolved, so that I can use Infuse for everything.

Any more thoughts on this issue?..

I have been having this same issue since early January at least. Infuse is always up-to-date on my device.

It occurs while I am watching content with my girlfriend, with 2 pairs of AirPods Pro connected to an Apple TV 4K 2021.

I did not have the opportunity to test with just one pair of AirPods connected, or with my TV’s speaker.

The issue pretty much happen every time there is a loud sound like gunshot or door slapped, etc…

After a while, sound level gets back to normal, or I can just push pause/play and it immediately gets back to normal.

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I guess the Infuse user base that uses Bluetooth or AirPlay is virtually non existent.
I have noticed this issue for some time as well, as mentioned in my posts.
Guess no one uses Bluetooth headphones/AirPods/HomePods for audio. :person_shrugging:

I have since moved to using Plex to watch movies with.

Yesterday, I got a chance to test with just one pair of AirPods connected to my Apple TV.

The issue occurs in the situation too.

Can we have an answer from the team, acknowledging the case is being investigated please?

Just thought to post here about the status of these issue…

I have not been using Infuse for movies (or anything with multi channel audio) with bluetooth headphones or DAC, for some time now, 6 months since i got frustrated enough to make this thread.

Was just doing some comparing again (between Infuse and Plex) with some music vids, and thought to test this issue out again…still have the same movie on server.

(as of 8-12-22) I notice:

The issue of the strong volume dipping/attenuation after a loud sound, appears to not be present anymore.

5.1 or multi channel audio is still louder than 2.0 stereo though.
it should not be.
I still do not want Infuse to boost multi channel audio.
Plex has a option to boost audio, and when enabled, sounds just as loud as Infuse.
Until Infuse has the settings option to toggle this Multi Channel Audio boost off, I will continue to not use it for any video with said audio.

No idea when the volume dipping issue was fixed, if it result of an Infuse app update, or tvOS update some where along the line, been lots of both those since Feb.

At the exact moment, Infuse app version 7.4.3 (4209) tvOS 15.6 (19M65)

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