Infuse using up hard drive space

Hey all

So when I transfer a movie from my laptop to my iPad using the via browser selection I have noticed that as the movie transfers it is also using up my hard drive space. Why is it doing this?


It’s related to caching in some browsers.

Restart Safari, or empty the cache and the space should automatically be freed up.

Thx James. I’ll give that a try

So tried clearing mozilla’s cache and history after I transfered a 3gb file through wifi which again took 3gb off my hard drive as well. Didn’t returned the missing 3gb. Any other suggestions anyone? There should be no reason I’m losing hard drive space when I’m transferring a file though wifi.


A thought - did you also try emptying the Recycle bin? Just wondering if that would be the reason emptying the browser cache did not free up space.

Just for information - why are you using that method to transfer the file? Is iit not easier to pull it off a share from within inFuse itself? I though it was worth asking as quite a few people seem to fail to find that option from within inFuse (accessed by left swipe on the share entry).

Which version of Firefox are you using?

Using Firefox 37.0.1 on a Mac with OS X 10.10.3 I am not even seeing any temporary space being used when transferring files.