Infuse using and remembering SDH vs regular subtitles

Hello all!
I was hoping to ask if anyone has experienced this issue I am facing and if there is a way to resolve it.

I watch a lot of TV shows I host from a Plex server through Infuse on my Apple TV.
Each TV episode has both Japanese SDH and regular type subtitle files like below:
TV_Show - S01E03 - Episode_Name.mkv
TV_Show - S01E03 -
TV_Show - S01E03 -

I want Infuse to use the Japanese SDH subtitles and remember my subtitle selection for the next episodes.

However, when I go to select which subtitle to use, in the playback settings for the list of available subtitles, both Japanese subtitles show as “Japanese (SRT External) (Japanese)”, with no distinction in which is SDH or regular.

So I have to find out by watching which subtitles are actually the Japanese SDH subtitles I would like. After that, when I jump to the next episode, Infuse doesn’t specifically pick the Japanese SDH subtitles to use again, because I think Infuse doesn’t distinct between the two types of Japanese subtitles, and will just pick one of the two randomly since it thinks they are the same type.

Is there something I am missing to correctly format my subtitle files to ensure that they are recognized in Infuse separately as SDH vs regular subtitle files?

And is there a way to ensure they display as SDH vs regular subtitles in Infuse playback settings, and have Infuse be able to remember and use the SDH subtitle files for future episodes?

Thank you!