Infuse uses too much battery power on my ipad air

It seems that Infuse started using too much battery power according to this statistics and this number keeps increasing even if I don’t use my ipad at all and it’s in sleep mode, although when I only bought my ipad and started using infuse almost all day watching movies, this number wouldn’t be higher than 60-75%. I was just wondering if something is wrong with infuse or is it completely normal? Thank you!

This info suggests 96% of your battery usage is coming from Infuse.

If the iPad is mainly used for Infuse, and not much else (which seems to be the case) then these numbers are completely normal.

Also, battery usage can vary a bit depending on the type of content being played. In general, h.264 and h.265 videos can make use of efficient hardware decoding options. Some other video formats may require software decoding, which will use a bit more battery.

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Like James said it may be using the majority of power by percentage but that’s because not much else is running.

What you’re seeing with Infuse using power while sleeping is actually one of Infuses greatest features in my opinion. It’s doing background syncing. This was a feature that Apple made available not too long ago that allows apps that rely on maintaining current databases of info to check for changes while the OS is sleeping.

Infuse really does benefit from this as it updates watched status and file changes without you having to launch the app and wait for this to happen.

You can turn this off in the iPad settings if you want but it will mean that Infuse may be less responsive when launched since it will have to wait till launch to do the syncing it would have done in the background. I’d recommend that if anything you turn off every other apps background syncing and leave Infuse as the only one.

Don’t worry too much about the lower graph in your screen cap, it’s the actual battery level on the top that matters and if you notice, it’s not changing much when Infuse is working.

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I see. Thank you so much for clarification :slight_smile:

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