Infuse Update Issue

So after the new update I noticed infuse removed all sorting functionality on any apple device I tried, iphone, ipad, and apple tv.
What happened infuse? You don’t even have multiple sorting and filter capability and the single sorting function you HAD you broke. Sorry Lol.
Only way now to “sort” and go through files is to browse through home.

Are you using direct mode with Plex, emby or jellyfin? In that case yes you may be limited at the moment. Otherwise I am seeing it still work for simple connection

Using plex as library source.
Tried on both by turning library mode on and off (based on what I see this is the direct mode).
On either, sorting functionality in files tab is removed completely.
On Library On, sorting can be done on a single unified library only (all libraries collated in media page) so it looks like having different libraries from source such as plex is useless, i tried with collections as well no dice and this goes for movies and tv shows.
On Library Off, you can no longer see sorting when opening media libraries, it’s default sorted via settings now being a hassle to always go to settings tab>general and change sort order.
Also, infuse now uses library names/pages in source such as plex when library mode is turned off. So this means the home screen items such as the recently added, picks of the day, unwatched, collections, etc items from infuse become null or cannot be viewed.