Infuse update broken iCloud sync AGAIN :(

OK - so youve updated it again and guess what - youve somehow managed to break the iCloud sync again. Shut everything down - restarted ATV started Infuse and let it compile from Library and the spinning ball of death for iCloud sync is back again :frowning: - I’ve left it spinning now for 2 hours and its still going so clearly its not working :frowning:

Also - after 30 mins or so the screen suddenly defaults back to telling me to log back in to Library again (its password protected) - this is a new bug on todays version !

Secondly, I dont know if you are aware but if you change any file (TV or a Movie) to one of exactly the same name but a better resolution (eg. Captain Marvel from a 720 to a 1080 version) Infuse does NOT recognise the change and it will still show as a 720 version - the ONLY way to fix it is to manually do a metadata find and select it - this is a real pain and it has been there in every version of 6 to date including the latest one today :frowning:

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I don’t know what is going on with icloud sync but on your second issue, for infuse to be aware of a change in resolution it needs to either see a name change or for you to do a manual scan. if you don’t change the file name when you change the file to a different resolution Infuse would have to scan the properties of EVERY file EVERY time it launches instead of looking for changes to the file directory. Maybe try changing the file name to reflect the resolution (or other value change such as audio) to show the change in the file name.

Well that’s just another pain to remember :frowning:
ICloud finally stopped after 4 hrs of trying to sync …
Also the metadata database does not act recursively so if you rename something manually because you have made it wrong to start with and then you ultimately name the file correctly the database will remember both your wrong name and the correct name causing the database to ultimately grow exponentionally which is not good - it is for this reason also that the database won’t recognise the audio/resolution a new file to update in an older one … whichever way you look at it it’s a big … Plex manages to deal with their database correctly !

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Bug not big lol

Comparing Plex to Infuse is apples to oranges. Plex server has the ability to run as much as necessary to maintain metadata and file housekeeping. Infuse is limited by both the amount of time it can run by Apple as well as any background tasking. Infuse only works when you launch (and a minimal time after you close it and a little background processing Apple recently allowed) and if another app is launched infuse can loose it’s storage space on the ATV or ios device if that app needs more space. It then has to reload from icloud.

Considering the work that Infuse has to do and the time it has to do it in, you’d really hate the delays if it had to scan the full library every time it started to look for changes of every single file.

Yes well as I’m sure you well recall Firecore has caused that issue multiple times and as it takes me over 36 hours min to recompile it’s not an amusing situation :frowning: We’ve been asking for a way to backup and restore a database for 2 years now to save everyone that issue :frowning:

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And we now have that with the icloud sync. Hopefully they will be able to add the artwork to the icloud sync or at least a user selectable option to include it.

I don’t really want to harp on about this but I’m not really sure what you think I could etc is going because it’s clearly not backing up a database in any complete form at all and I know that because last week I installed a 4th ATV and it went off for nearly 2 days to download and compile all the metadata - there is no appreciable appearance of any time saving by having the iCloud sync on so I am rather bemused by it all :frowning:

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Do you by any chance take care of your files with a Mac?

Does anyone still use PC’s ??? Seriously / why do you ask ?

We’re not really seeing any other reports of this, but would love to take a deeper look into your case if you have a chance to send in a quick report from your device.

With regard to file specs, for performance reasons, these will be cached in Infuse. If you are replacing files, a good practice would be to simply add the resolution to the new file, and then delete the old file. EG You can replace “The-Lego-Movie-2014.mkv” with “The-Lego-Movie-2014-4K.mkv”

I’m actually using a WDPR4200 with 4x8tb disks with redundancy so 24tb in total - using infuse on an NTSF and not Samba

Just seeing how close we are to having similar systems. I have 4 ATVs (2 ATV4 and 2 ATV4K) with shares on a WD MyCloud and shares on an iMac which I also use to maintain the files. Have you looked that the iCloud section in the system prefs of your Mac and seen what Infuse 6 Pro is showing for size?

I’ll check NC - James that won’t work because you know the naming syntax needs to be exactly correct - putting 4 k or dashes in will prevent Themoviedb from naming it. Interestingly enough I have noticed that every ATV she’s the dB as a different size ranging from 4gb to 6gb

Infuse will filter out resolution specs, so they won’t affect matching. Additionally, if you include the year in your filenames, Infuse will ignore any text present after the year, so you can include just about anything you want.


The-Lego-Movie-2014-4K super cute kids movie with Emmet and Batman.mkv

Alternatively, you can just use the Edit option in Infuse when replacing videos. Reselecting the correct title will update the file specs.

Well this is interesting maybe - iCloud has 1.6gb allocated to it and my main ATV (the one I use most) has 6gb allocated to the database according to the info from settings …

Thanks James but that is in fact how I fix it by manually having to remember to edit after I upgrade a movie / I was just hoping for a way of doing it so I don’t have to manually do it every time a better version is uploaded :frowning: Incidentally - it would be a REAL bonus if TV episodes Info showed the date of release/airing - please :wink:

If you have a chance to send in a report, we’d like to take a look at this.

That’s about the same as my primary ATV 6GB on the Infuse settings screen and 1.5 on icloud. Curious thing is that yesterday before the Infuse update it was just over 600MB on iCloud. I haven’t added more than 5 files so things are a bit strange.