Infuse unusable for large local network files over WiFi and on ProMotion displays

I was a big fan of Infuse.
It’s been unusable over WiFi (iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, MacBook Pro, Mac Studio) for many months now for high bitrate files.

I have many 50Mb/s videos (such as music videos converted to 4K60) stored locally on a NAS (but SMB vs NFS, or Mac instead of NAS does not improve things).
Infuse almost always buffers these videos every few seconds when connecting through WiFi.
Infuse takes ages to download them.
The same files play very well in Infuse when opened from the Finder, and copy 20x faster in the Finder than downloading within Infuse.
I changed router twice, changed router brand once, with no success.
I solved it for my Apple TV by connecting it with a cable to a wifi adapter (a WiFi repeater set up as a WiFi receiver). But my MacStudio, although connected to my WiFi router at a full 1200 Mbps is out of luck. And so is my MacBook Pro Apple Silicon.

This issue has been opened for more than 6 months Vidéo buffering and audio loss for high bitrate videos

And Infuse has been unusable on my MacBook Pro for 6 months too, unless I turn off ProMotion.
This is crazy. Choppy playback in macOS Monterey on M1 Max - #113 by jrmec.49364

I do not know what’s been happening at Firecore but this is very different from the commitment to high quality that I’ve known Infuse for for years.

It still works OK though if you do not have high bitrate files stored on your home network or do not use WiFi ,and you do not have a MacBook Pro with M1 Pro or Max.

So, still a decent app for most users.
But since when has this become enough, @james ?

The first video buffering issue could be related to this thread, take a look.
I’ve proved that there are speed issue in Infuse sftp&smb stack, it’s up to firecore to fix that.

Thanks @ddadogba .

It appears that the choppy playback issue on MacBookPros with ProMotion is now fixed.
Which is great news.

I am not sure about the slow WiFi issue, but Infuse is currently downloading a video from my NAS at 30MB/s (240Mb/s), which is fast enough. Over WiFi.
I’ll have to do more testing and see if download/streaming speeds are consistently good, but if that is fixed too, I am a happy man.