Infuse unable to play files "Playback error: An error occurred loading this content"

Hello fellow ATV Flash users,

I’ve always used these forums as a guide and have often been able fix to my own problems with ATV flash 2.2 in the past. However, after a long and arduous manual update (did not work through maintence) to the new 2.3. it has cost me the functionality of the once Media Player now Infuse and now I need some outside assistance. I want to view my media primarily from a External HDD (MyBook 1TB) attached to my Macbook (which is running Lion OSX 10.7.5). After I finally got Infuse to recognize the source (via AFP) and get to my “Movies” subfolder and load my metdata (which takes over 10 minutes each time) I hit the movie I wish to watch and get the dreaded:   “Playback error An error occurred loading this content”. It is extremely discouraging. I’ve gone back and made sure that every folder I am trying to accesses is shared, and has Read or Read/Write permissions in my system preferences file sharing. I’ve rebooted my Apple TV. I’ve turned my router (an Asus ac66u dual band) off and on again (to the dismay of others connected to it in my home). I have even double checked to make sure the files are not corrupted on my External HDD by playing them on my computer (works just fine). So, my question is… what the heck is wrong? I should be able to view my movies. Is there something obvious I am missing? I am not the most tech-savvy person, but I did manage to get this far…

Any help would be most appreciated!

I’ve seen other threads with similar issues since the update, and I know every update has bugs and since it is only day three of the release I get that they may have not all been sorted out yet. So if that is the issue, fine, but I really feel I am missing something. I am so close, and yet sadly so far.

I have my fingers crossed for an updated knowledge base (a.k.a user manual) on the new updated version of ATV Flash 2.3. If you need a writer, let me know!


Thank you anyone (and everyone) for your help in advance!

I’m having a very similar issue. Known “good” files are now not playing on 2.3. 

I submitted a ticket, to see if the staff has any idea. Also, asking if it’s possible to downgrade back to 2.2


Question for you: do you notice a difference in the volume of your videos? All of mine are some much “lower” now. Pretty frustrating. 

I actually haven’t been able to play a single video yet. i can see them I can click on them, they just won’t play. So, I don’t even know if there is a decrease in volume from them. I have notice in the HBO Go app, that is the case. So I am expecting it if/when Infuse starts to work. Please post how your ticket went or the result of that is. Hopefully, it can apply to my issue as well.

Sorry for the trouble.

If you haven’t already, would you mind sending in a bug report?

+1 here and know of another person with the same issue.
Playback Error received when trying to view ANY type of file hosted on an externally attached HDD.
Share type is found as SMB.

Other devices in the same network play the files OK. Infuse on ATV2 doesn’t.
I have also a ticket on this, let’s see what’s happening.

Wired ethernet connection, no password protection on SMB share, ATV2 latest OS tethered JB and aTVFlash 2.3 

Works fine for me.   One difference is that I DO have a username/password set up for my SMB connection although I am not sure this is relevant.

One thing to keep in mind is that SMB streaming on the ATV2 does not currently support guest access so a username and password will be required.

Can you try setting up a username/password to see if this helps?

Hi everyone,


Thanks for you feedback, James and others! Actually, I sent in a diagnostic report when the issue started, but didn’t create a ticket. (Didn’t know) However, two days ago it magically started working. I am sure it isn’t magic, but that is what it felt like. I tried a handful of fixes in the mean time waiting for a response in the forum so any of these could have been it: 

  1. Umounted and remounted my HDD

  2. Erased all the sharing permissions from my HDD and then reassigned them in System Preferences by sharing the whole HDD.

  3. I turned on both AFP sharing and SMB sharing (both with username/passwords) and put them into Media Player (with username/passwords)

  4. I changed a file name in my HDD from “Movies/TV Shows/Video Files” to “Movies.TV Shows.Video Files” assuming the backslashes were messing something up

  5. Restarted my Apple TV (through Maintenance) a few times


I checked after several of these steps and it still didn’t work. But then, voila, it did. I don’t know if this is helpful or a hindrance. 


the functionality of my media player and the rest of the Apple TV features (HBO Go, files played through iTunes, Netflix) are all very low on the volume. Luckily, my TV gets extremely loud but I am turning it up to about 50 to 75 to get everything to a normal volume when usually the TV is around 25 to 30. I know this is a seperate issue, but maybe it is related? That and some fairly long buffering times, but I’m pretty much happy as long as it keeps working! 


Good luck to everyone else who is having issues with Media Player. 


And thank you for your assistance!

I’ve had this issue for what feels like a year. It is incredibly frustrating. The error I’d get before the “Infuse” update, when it was still “Media Player”, was related to audio. Now, the error is more generic and simply, “Playback error”. I believe the issues are the same, with different messages.

For me, the error occurs after playing Netflix and/or iTunes content, then attempting to playback files from Infuse. The solution is to reboot the AppleTV, then to immediately launch and use Infuse.  Following this, playback of Netflix or iTunes content will work, although this will break Infuse until the system is rebooted.

Same issue. This behavior will happen after playing Netflix and an Apple TV reboot fixes it.

If it helps, I think this happens if the Apple TV goes to sleep on Netflix, the after a wake, InFuse (Media player before upgrade also) will not work and I get the error and have to reboot.

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