Infuse (tvOS) Player UI optimizations

Hey James :slight_smile:

Here are two little Suggestions for Optimizations for the LivePreview Feature in Infuse (tvOS):

Please remove the Hint “Swipe down for Info”
Because every AppleTV/Infuse User knows how to use the App and how to go to Infos and Settings within Infuse :rofl:

If I click left or right on the Siri-Remote to skip 10 Seconds Forwards or Backwards, there should be **NO Timeprogress-Bar visible…
Just make the 10 Seconds-Skip, but show nothing meanwhile :wink:


I second that. Why not just stick with the native player UI?
While i don’t agree with all of Apple’s design choices, the native ATV player UI is IMHO perfect and doesn’t need to be altered in any way. Every tvOS app nowadays thinks it has to create/use it’s own custom player UI. Most of them for the worse.

INFUSE has done a great job in altering the UI for the swipe-down-menu part. For example the addition of subtitle settings is really great and much appreciated.

But INFUSE also altered the timeline/progress bar UI for the worse:

  • A single tap should show the progress bar for about 3-4 seconds before fade out and not only 1 second as of right now.
  • A second tap should switch to the current/end time like the native UI does
  • When pausing the video, the current preview thumb should show up automatically. It worked a few updates back but was removed in a recent update. Why?
  • Also the double tap to zoom in is a great feature of the native UI

Why remove all those useful things?

I’d also keep that like the native UI does. IMHO it makes sense to show the current position when skipping.


I don’t think they were removed, they are not implemented. From what I understand, Infuse uses a custom player, so these feature will have to be implemented.
I would prefer the consistency with the native player as well and I hope they get implemented soon.


You’re probably right. Hopefully this gets some attention… @james? :wink:

Yes, that’s right :wink:
But is it really necessary to show the Bar if you just want to skip 10 Seconds? :joy:

And by the way, the native tvOS Player GUI (in other Apps) don’t show the „Swipe down“ Hint anymore :rofl::+1:

I believe this was implemented thinking about subtitles. If you pause to read the subtitle (when a dialogue is going too fast), the preview thumbnail would be in the way.

@james Are there plans to implement those basic features back to the Infuse player?

@james Any info on this, please?

Just saw this on the upcoming features list:

7.0 (pending)

  • macOS App Store release (universal iOS/tvOS/macOS bundle)
  • Revamped UI on iOS/tvOS
  • Other features TBD

So maybe there’s hope actually? :wink: