Infuse tvOS High-Performance Playback ???

Infuse 5.3 on my apple tv, maybe HEVC 10bit playback. But NO, NO not yet, maybe in the near feature, if the new apple tv will see the light.
I’ll send a personal mail, with the information i have, which player will do the job, the only one is ABC Player, it plays hevc 10bit without a problem. They will look into it, but they give me never an answer. and now they come with High-Performance Playback. Sorry but my hope is over, they can’t fix the problem, so i will use abc player for my movies and tv series. And if somebody says that hevc 10 bit is not possible on the apple tv (hardware), they need to check ABC Player.

The new core gives us an excellent foundation for HEVC (h.265) but proper HEVC support wasn’t fully baked in time for 5.3.

Stay tuned. :wink:

Do you have any time estimate for the HEVC support? Days? A month? I do love your app but this subject is crucial

We’re hoping it’s weeks, not months. :slight_smile:

Any ETA yet?

I didn’t try ABC Player yet, but if it is how you describe it then it’s a wonder since HW-decoding is not -yet- released for tvOS (rumoured to exist!).
The best hevc playback I can get on ATV4 is with Plex because hevc is transcoded. Then follows, PlayerXtreme and MrMC (MrMC has Plex integrated which, not only accesses Plex media libraries, but can also trigger transcoding of hevc media if desired).

ABC player can play hevc (h265) videos ( include UHD) on atv 4 without any problem then ???

Nope, 4k HEVC ist not working with ABC Player. All you get is stuttering.

We really need an Apple TV 5 with 4k and HDR support. Hopefully its coming this year.
Most people i know already jumped over to the shield or fire tv with 4 k support. Hurry up, Apple.

ABC Player can play HEVC very smoothly up to 1080p; it is the best player on ATV4 when it comes to HEVC playback. The amazing thing is that this player is relatively old; no idea how its developer has done it!

I’m starting to suspect the “52 weeks” clause… Any ETA on HEVC support?

You could help out and do the survey mentioned here. Infuse - h.265 HEVC - #18 by james


So it’s almost june, and still not hevc playback, when will this be fixed infuse 5.8, or 6.0 on the 4k HDR apple tv. I’ll bought a fire tv 2 (amazon)for now, but the handling with the apple tv is much better, but if only ABC Player can do the job on the apple tv, and infuse can’t. (You said that you will fix this in weeks and not a few months). Please give us the information if you can make infuse ready for playback 1080p hevc 10bit or not.

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It seems that the firecore group have been pretty busy the last month or so not only with new features but squashing major bugs so I wouldn’t worry that your problem is forgotten, just a bit further down in the pecking order. James did say “hope to” have the issues addressed in weeks not months not"will have" so it sounds as though it’s on their radar but not quite yet.

Have you done the survey mentioned above yet? I’d guess that the majority of the people using 265 are probably happy so far since they are probably using lower bit rates or other than 10 bit encodes. Having input on surveys gives a better look at where their going to get the most bang for their buck in programming time vs customer need.

Hang in there, firecore seems to be dedicated to bringing a quality product to the platform and that does take time to tidy up the glitches.

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I have to agree. Nothing wrong in reminding about the issue, but I have to say Firecore do a very impressive job. Of all media players in the world, Firecore is my preference. They deserve that.

And as they continue to work hard and taking customer service seriously, my loyalty is growing. And that’s excactly how market mechanisms should work.